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Rec. Girls Soccer – Spring Season Changes


For the upcoming spring soccer season the club will be making changes to the Girls U8 and U10 recreational program. If you have not yet registered, we hope these changes will encourage your daughter to come out this spring and experience the new structure. If you have already registered, we hope you will remain part of the new structure this season. The changes are intended to provide an environment for girls at all skill levels to grow friendships and experience greater success on the field. Key highlights for the new structure are outlined below:

  1. U10 girls will play 100% of their games against other girls, with 75% of the games 4 v 4/small sided fields (no goalies) and at least 2 games 7 v7/full field (with goalies). *NO GAMES AGAINST THE BOYS*
  2. U8 will move to 3 v 3 and 100% of their games against girls.
  3. U8 will look to create “more experienced” and “less experienced” divisions. This change is intended to challenge girls at their skill level while having the best chance to succeed and build confidence. *The actual coordination and scheduling of this will be dependent upon numbers registered.
  4. The first 4 weeks of the season will be 100% practice and the second 4 weeks will focus on games, with an occasional practice. This chance will allow us to focus on skill development before putting the girls in a game situation.
  5. U8 & U10 will have dedicated Head Trainers (Matt Clark to facilitate U8 and Clement Abai to facilitate U10). The Head Trainers will be responsible for building practice plans for all players and coaching every session. WE NEED VOLUNTEER FACILITATORS to assist in setting up, running drills, and clean-up. More information on Volunteer Facilitators will be communicated soon. We will also be hosting a Train the Facilitators event at Gameday prior to the season starting (Most likely Saturday March 9th).

We believe these changes are in the best interest of our female youth athletes and the Stillwater Soccer community. Registration for the spring season is open until March 2. If you have questions or concerns about the changes outlined above or how to signup, please reach out to Matt Clark any time at

Thank you.

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