Private Soccer Lessons at Stillwater Soccer Club

At Stillwater Soccer Club, we recognize the importance of personalized training for player development. To assist our families in finding additional training opportunities, we have compiled a list of individuals known to our club who offer private soccer lessons.

Important Disclaimer:
It’s important to note that while some of these instructors may be associated with Stillwater Soccer Club as current coaches or staff, others operate independently and are not formally affiliated with our club. Those not currently part of our coaching staff have not undergone the standard background checks and vetting processes required by Stillwater Soccer Club. We provide their contact information as a convenience for parents interested in arranging private lessons for their players, emphasizing that these instructors are independent professionals.

Instructor List (in alphabetical order):

  1. Claire Gantzer
    • Specialty: Field Training, Speed/Agility/Conditioning
    • Contact: (469) 371-9788
  2. Grace Gordon
    • Specialty: Goalie Training
    • Contact: (610) 858-2421
  3. Nicole Ray
    • Specialty: Field Training
    • Contact: (385) 233-7167
  4. Xcaret Pineda
    • Specialty: Field Training
    • Contact: (815) 517-6041

Selecting a Private Instructor:
We encourage parents to perform their own due diligence when choosing a private instructor. This may include conducting interviews, checking references, and discussing expectations to ensure the instructor aligns with your standards for safety, expertise, and coaching style.

Scheduling and Payments:
All arrangements regarding scheduling, location, and payment for private lessons should be made directly between the parent/player and the instructor. Stillwater Soccer Club does not facilitate these agreements and is not responsible for managing schedules or resolving disputes between parties.

We hope this resource aids our players in accessing additional training to further their skills and love for the game. If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Stillwater Soccer Club.

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