General Soccer FAQ

Stillwater Soccer Club offers Recreational, Travel Recreational, Academy, and Competitive (APEX) programs.

The Recreational (Rec) program is available for ages 4-9 (U6 – U10) and focuses on having fun. Commitment is season-by-season, with volunteer coaches fostering an enjoyable environment for learning the game.

The Traveling Recreational program provides a recreational and less competitive soccer experience for older players, blending local play with matches against teams from around the state, catering to U11 and older due to limited player availability in this age group.

The Academy program, aimed at U9 and U10 players, focuses on skill development and offers a pathway to higher levels of competitive play.

The Competitive (APEX) program, starting from U11 and above, offers advanced training and higher-level competition for players dedicated to excelling in the sport.

Recreational Soccer FAQ

  1. What special equipment does my child need?
    Your child should have soccer cleats, shin guards and the appropriate size soccer ball.
  2. Can I choose a specific team or buddy? 
    We do not take individual requests for team assignments.  All practices and games for a respective age group are at the same time in the same complex.
  3. How are teams formed and balanced out?
    We try to make teams as even as possible by taking into account birth year, years of experience, and any prior knowledge we may have of a particular player.
  4. How do we communicate with our coach or know the schedule?
    Each coach chooses their preferred communication medium.  The club suggests GroupMe, GameChanger, text, or email messaging.   The schedule will be posted on the Stillwater Soccer Club website once it’s available.
  5. Where are practices and games held?
    All practices and games for U6 and U8 will be held at the Stillwater Medical Soccer Complex (1201 S Adams St, Stillwater, OK 74074) .  U10 recreational games and practice may be held at both the Stillwater Medical Foundation as well as Babcock Park.
  6. I still have questions about recreational soccer, who do i reach out to?
    For U6 and U8 kids, please reach out to
    For U10 kids, please reach out to
    Otherwise, reach out to

APEX Program FAQ

Welcome to APEX! Here’s everything you need to know about our program:

  1. What is the cost of APEX?
    APEX is a school year-long commitment (10 months). The cost is $100 upfront and $65 per month from August to May. There is also a one-time charge for uniforms of around $200. We replace uniforms once every three years, and we are entering year 3 of 3.
  2. What’s the difference between APEX and recreation soccer?
    At the U11 level, we introduce a more competitive and structured program. APEX teams practice at least twice per week and play around 8 games in the fall and 8 games in the spring, with a mix of home and away games. Many teams also participate in at least 2 tournaments in the fall and 2 in the spring, often held in OKC, Tulsa, and Wichita.
  3. My player is multi-sport. How does this work for them?
    We have many multi-sport players. Work with the coach to create a plan for your player. In some cases, practice sessions from adjoining groups on different nights might be available.
  4. What days are practices on?
    The practice dates and times are set by the coach.
  5. When do practices start and when does the season end?
    The fall season generally starts in August and ends in December. We then pick back up in February and run until May. Some teams may play indoor at Soccer City OKC or Soccer City Tulsa during the winter break (optional).
  6. Outside of league and uniform fees, what other fees are there?
    Any tournaments we participate in come with extra fees. We divide the tournament entry cost by the players who attend. The same applies to Soccer City.
  7. What if I worry my kid isn’t ‘good enough’ for APEX?
    We often hear this concern. Kids evolve and learn quickly. Our primary goal is to ensure they have fun and understand that with hard work and practice, they can improve. We regularly see kids progress significantly within a year. They are developing and growing into their bodies. Don’t rush to judge their potential. Every player has unique attributes, whether it’s raw athleticism, skill, or something in between. Coaches find ways to bring out their strengths.  It’s important to note that when we sign a team up for the league, we also have room to put the team in “Bronze, Silver, or Gold” to try and get them the right level of competition.
  8. Anything we can do in the summer to prepare?
    The best way to prepare is to play and practice. Kick a ball around. We list known private instructors on the club’s website, and you can set up individual sessions with them.
  9. What if we start and don’t want to continue?
    We register with leagues during the summer to prepare for the fall season and we depend on player headcounts to form teams. We ask that if you commit to APEX, you stick with it. We understand things come up, and you may need to miss practices or occasional games, but the expectation of commitment is higher with this program. Many kids are on a multi-year journey together, growing from 7v7 to 9v9 to 11v11 as they age. We aim to set the stage for long-term growth, team play, and team culture, which requires deliberate effort and practice.
  10. What if I need financial help with the league fees?
    Please reach out to
  11. Is there equal playing time for all kids?
    No, there is not. The general idea is that we would like to have balance in regular season games, but in tournaments, it may be more of a meritocracy based on coach preference.
  12. Can I just play in the Fall? or Spring?
    We cannot support this model today. Our teams stay together for the school year, so having players drop and add in Fall and Spring can create additional unintended consequences for team size.
  13. What are the benefits of playing soccer for kids?
    Soccer is a fantastic team sport that teaches players to work within the different dynamics of the team. It helps build a strong team culture, emphasizes individual performance within the team context, and improves overall team performance. Kids learn valuable life skills such as communication, teamwork, and resilience. Playing soccer also promotes physical fitness, coordination, and a sense of belonging, all of which contribute to their overall development.
  14. What if I still have questions?
    Reach out to Justin Elkington, our Director of Coaching, at or with additional questions. We are here to help, and our mission is to get as many kids as possible playing soccer.

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