Academy Soccer

The Stillwater Soccer Club Academy is committed to providing quality coaching and training for our young players. Our focus is on nurturing their soccer skills and techniques while gradually introducing team play concepts. Seasoned in both soccer education and youth development, our coaching staff emphasizes technical skills and tactical awareness in a balanced approach.

We aim to foster a learning environment where players can grow at their own pace. This involves focused training combined with encouragement for personal creativity and expression on the field. The SSC Academy approach is centered on building a solid foundation in soccer fundamentals, ensuring each player enjoys and succeeds in the game.


The Academy program caters to girls and boys born in 2014 and 2015.

Tryouts are conducted in both the Fall and Spring seasons and the placement is valid for only that season.  In other words, if you make the Academy team in Fall, you would be expected to attend and tryout again in the Spring.

The Academy team does not participate in a ‘league.’   We will find at least 2 tournaments per season and will make our best effort to schedule ‘friendlies’ with other clubs.   We travel to other locations where the tournaments are held (Tulsa, OKC, Wichita, etc).

Academy Teams often engage in a Winter Session at Soccer City OKC and may participate in a Summer Session at Soccer City OKC or in 3v3 tournaments.  A parent volunteer is used to run these sessions.

Practice sessions for Academy Teams are held twice a week.

The Spring Season tryouts are on February 29th and March 4th from 6:00 – 7:15PM on the Stillwater High School football/soccer field. Attending both sessions is not mandatory but encouraged.  Upon arrival at Pioneer Stadium, look for volunteers to direct you onto the field.  There will be a check-in table for your player to sign in.  Parents are welcome to stick around.

Timeline for Spring 2024

February 5th – Registration Opens

February 28th – Registration Deadline

February 29th / March 4th – Tryout Dates (please attend both if possible)

March 8th – Communicate the results to parents

Week of March 11th – Season begins

Week of May 19th – Season ends


The total fee for the Academy program is $155. This includes an initial sign-up fee of $80, followed by three monthly payments of $35, applicable only if the player is selected for the Academy team after tryouts. These fees contribute to coaching stipends, as well as facility and field maintenance.

To be eligible for Academy,

  1. Players must first enroll in Recreational Soccer
  2. Then email to let him know your players name
  3. Attend tryouts at Pioneer Stadium

The monthly fee of $35 is assessed only if the player successfully makes the team.  Additional costs for tournaments and indoor leagues are managed by each team separately from the registration fee. Participants can expect to pay up to $100 for each tournament or league, which may include a portion of the coaches’ expenses.

It’s important to note that fees for tournaments and Soccer City are not included in Academy dues and need to be covered separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What special equipment does my child need?
    Your child should have soccer cleats, shin guards and the appropriate size soccer ball.
  2. What is the difference between Recreational soccer and Academy soccer?
    Recreational soccer is all about the joy of the game. It features volunteer coaches and a relaxed commitment level, fostering a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for play. The Academy serves as a bridge to competitive soccer, equipping players for the more demanding aspects of the sport. It involves experienced coaching, higher expectations, and a challenging environment, catering to players who are either already skilled or aspiring to enhance their abilities.
  3. What is the difference between Academy and Competitive soccer?
    In Academy, we prioritize player development over annual tryouts. Our program doesn’t emphasize participation in state or regional tournaments, keeping the experience more focused and less intensive. Additionally, the cost of participating in the Academy is much lower compared to the Competitive program. The Academy is designed as a stepping stone, smoothly transitioning players from Recreational to Competitive soccer.
  4. Can I do Recreation and Academy soccer?
    This will need to be handled on a case by case and should be discussed with the Academy Coach as well as the Youth Commissioner.
  5. Do I have to play Academy to play Competitive soccer in the future?
    While participation in the Academy Program is not mandatory, it does offer a benefit for those who join. Since the program is available only for the U8-U10 age groups, it’s a valuable opportunity to gain a head start, especially for those aspiring to play competitive soccer in the future.
  6. Is the commitment more than Recreational Soccer?  How often do we practice?
    Our Academy teams usually have training sessions twice a week, each lasting at least 1.25 hours. The key distinction lies in the training atmosphere we cultivate. Having a coach with the right experience and qualifications is essential for us. It’s important that players are grouped with others of similar skill levels, as this promotes the most effective learning environment.
  7. What happens if I don’t make the Academy team?
    Players not chosen for the Academy team will be able to play in the Rec league and can attend one night of Academy practice each week to advance their skills.
  8. How many players are on an Academy team?
    We accept the top 10-12 players to play Academy full-time

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