Competitive Soccer (APEX)

At Stillwater Soccer Club, our APEX Competitive Program, starting at the U-11 level, represents our club’s commitment to advanced soccer play. In APEX, both players and coaches demonstrate a strong commitment to developing skills, maintaining fitness, practicing good work ethic, showing positive attitudes, and embodying sportsmanship.

In APEX, our philosophy is centered on nurturing player development, emphasizing growth and learning rather than solely focusing on immediate results. We advocate for a consistent and thorough approach to development, ensuring players are given the opportunity to improve steadily. Our emphasis is on the individual development of each player, which we see as key to the success of our teams.

The APEX program operates on an annual basis, running from August to May, with breaks in the winter (mid-December to late January) and summer (June and July). Teams participate in leagues that best challenge and develop their abilities, such as the OPC state league or OSA state league. Throughout the year, our APEX teams are involved in 4 to 6 tournaments.

The season typically culminates with the OPC State Cup in May, a competition that brings together various levels of teams to vie for the title of state champions.

Structure and Timeline

The APEX program caters to girls and boys born in 2013 and older.

Tryouts are conducted in May and placement is valid for the August – May period.

The APEX teams participate in both OPC and OSA which are state leagues.   We will find at least 2 tournaments per season (2 in Fall and 2 in Spring) and have a minimum of 8 regular season games each season.  4 of those games are at home, while 4 are ‘away.’   We travel to other locations around the state, generally in the Tulsa and OKC metro areas.

APEX Teams often engage in an optional Winter Session at Soccer City OKC.

Practice sessions for APEX Teams are held twice a week.  Games are on the weekends.

The tryouts for APEX will be held on May 2023.  More information will be posted as the date approaches.


The total fee for APEX is $750 / year ($100 registration fee / $650 yearly fee).  You may pay in various installment plans.  There is an additional $210-$240 charge for uniforms and we keep our uniform kits on a 3 year rotation (New kits will be issued Fall 2025).

Costs for tournaments and indoor leagues are covered by individual teams separately from the registration fee above.   You should expect to pay up to $100 for each tournament or league we participate in.

Please note that tournament fees and Soccer City are not included in the APEX dues and are to be paid separately.

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